Powered by Artesyn: 5G Base Band Unit

The latest in our series of customer application stories


A leading supplier of 5G RAN equipment has developed one of the first commercially deployed Base Band Units (BBU) for this next-generation network, which is the network function that combines with a Remote Radio Head (RRH) as the first connection point for consumers into the network.

The BBU uses Artesyn’s AVQ400 quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converter, which provides up to 400 watts output power and up to 33 amps current.

This high-specification DC-DC module is designed specifically to provide a regulated low noise 12 Vdc output for feeding downstream non-isolated point-of-load (POL) converters in systems with distributed power architectures (DPA).

The 5G wireless network is fundamentally different to its predecessors, requiring new types of equipment.

One example is support within the radio access network (RAN) for flexible architecture sometimes referred to as dynamic Cloud-RAN, which can be implemented using the concepts of virtualization and software-defined networking. 



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