• Monroe 288B 靜電消除檢測儀
  • Monroe 288B 靜電消除檢測儀
  • Monroe 288B 靜電消除檢測儀
  • Monroe 288B 靜電消除檢測儀

Monroe 288B 靜電消除檢測儀

• Innovative High Voltage electrometer provides tests to unprecedeted low voltage with unmatched stability
• Meets ESD Association Standard ANSI / ESD STM 3.1
• Fully configurable operating parameters
• Soft keys for highly intuitive programming
• Manual and automated testing of Decay and Balance
• Internal storage for up to 1500 tests, 500 locations and 4 test protocols
• Internal battery for portable operation (also line operated)
• Large, easy to read, high contrast LCD display
• Detachable 6” x 6” plate (Optional plate 1” X 1” plate available)
• RS232 interface
• Built in temperature and humidity sensors
• Auto-ranging to 0.1V resolution below 100V
• Compatible with optional 288B Graphing Software
型號 : Monroe 288B

The model 288B is the first charged-plate monitor offering on-board data storage to automate ionization system testing. Use the Model 288B to perform the customary manual tests, or program it to perform a series of automated decay and balance tests.

Soft keys simplify the programming and operation of automated tests. Upload test set-ups and ionizer locations. Download stored test results, including environmental data captured by integral temperature and relative humidity sensors. The Model 288B uses a novel voltage-follower measurement technique to increase stability, bandwidth, and accuracy, making it ideal for testing the most modern critical-balance ionizers.


240 x 64 character/graphic

    Voltage – Accuracy Resolution: 3½ digit display (Decay and Peak reading) ±0.1% of reading ±3 V 1 volt

    Balance -:                  0.1 volt for readings < 150 volts

    Time – Accuracy Resolution: 4 digit display 0.1% of reading ±1 lsd 0.1 second for readings < 1000 seconds 1 second for reading > 999 seconds


Dynamic range: ±1200 volts

Follower error: < 10 mV

Speed of Response: <10 msec for 1 kV to 0 volts (90%-10%)

Bandwidth: -3db @ 1Khz 20Vp-p

                    -3db @ 10Hz 2000Vp-p

Noise: < 12 mV rms

Monitor output:

Divide by 200

    Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ±1 mV Refer to Output

    Output Impedance: 1K ohm

Start Voltages:

1000 volts Standard

    Range: ±10 to ±1000 volts

    Resolution: Settable to 1 volt

    Accuracy: 0.3% of setting ±2.5 volts

Stop Voltages:

100 volts Standard

    Range: 0- ±995 volts

    Resolution: Settable to 1 volt

    Accuracy: 0.3% of setting ±2.5 volts

Charge Voltage:

Range: 10 to 100 volts above the start voltage

Resolution: Settable to 1 volt increments

Accuracy: 0.3% of setting ±2.5 volts

Charge Plate:

Capacitance: 20 pF ±2pf

Zero Drift: < 100 mV/sec (no incident ion flow)

Self Discharge: < 200 mV/sec

Peak Detector:
(Balance Test) Bandwidth: <10HZ
Temperature Sensor:

Range: 0 - 50°C

Accuracy: ±2°C typ

Humidity Sensor:

Range: 10% - 80% RH @ 25°C

Accuracy: ±5% typ


Temperature: 5°C to 35°C

Humidity: to 80%, non condensing

Battery life: Typ > 6 hrs

Charge Time: < 8 hrs to > 90% capacity


Voltage: 90 - 250 VAC 50/60 Hz

Wattage: < 12 watts operating

Data Storage: 1500 Readings
CPM: Size: 11” x 9” x 6” (280 x 229 x 152 mm)
Weight: 12½lb. (5.7kg)


  • NEW: Auto Ranging to 0.1V resolution below 100V
  • NEW: Compatible with Monroes Optional New 288B Graphing Software
  • Test all types of Ionizers
  • Automated testing reduces ionizer test time and data logging time
  • Adjustable start and stop voltages for decay test accommodate specialized needs
  • Large, easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD display
  • Detachable ion collecting plates can be placed at the work height or placed within process equipment to evaluate ionizers while in use
  • Small ion collecting plates are available to permit measurements in confined spaces
  • LED bar graph shows balance voltage in real time


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