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LCM1000 Series封閉式電源 1000W

Bulk Front End 1000 Watts

LCM1000 provides a low cost solution to Industrial and Medical single output high power requirements. Full featured, the 2.4" x 5" x 10" enclosed form factor utilizes smart fans for self contained thermal management at very low acoustic noise levels.
型號 : lcm1000 series

Digital Signal Processor control allows for a high level of modification flexibility. Voltage output for the series ranges from 10.8V - 52.8V at a continuous output power of 1000W. The LCM1000 also provides an optional 5V standby, conformal coating, and constant current operation.

Total Max Power:


Output Voltage:

10.8 V to 52.8 V


3 years

Total Max Current:




Operating Temperature:

-40°C to +70°C

Input Voltage:

90 V to 264 V

Size (L x W x H):

10.000" x 5.000" x 2.400"

  • 1000W Output Power with no derating
  • Low Cost
  • Variable Speed Smart Fans
  • DSP Controlled
  • Industrial/Medical Safety Approvals
  • Latest CCC approvals
  • Up to 70C operation with derating
  • Optional 5V @ 2A standby output
  • High Efficiency 90% typical
  • Conformal Coat Option
  • +/- 10% adjustment range
  • Remote programing
  • OR-ing FET
  • Optional Class B EMI


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