• Trek 706B 手持式靜電電壓表

Trek 706B 手持式靜電電壓表

• Switch Selectable Ranges:
0 to +1 kV DC
0 to -1 kV DC
• 3½ Digit LCD Display
• Battery Test Switch
• DC-Stable Probe with Side Viewing Aperture Orientation
• Low Noise
• Durable Design
型號 : Trek 706B

The Trek Model 706B portable electrostatic voltmeter is designed to perform highly accurate noncontacting surface electrostatic voltage measurements. Applications include measurement of photoreceptor surfaces in copiers and laser printers.

A voltage-nulling technique is employed in the Model 706B that achieves DC stability and high accuracy even if the probe-to-measured surface spacing varies during use, this permits measurement of rotating electrophotography drums without concern for the effects of measurement accuracy due to drum eccentricities.

Power Requirements: Two (2) 9-volt alkaline batteries. 

Operating Time: 10 hours after battery replacement. 

Operating Conditions Temperature: 5 °C to 35 °C. 

Relative Humidity: To 85%, noncondensing. 

Dimensions: 39 mm H x 130 mm W x 134 mm D, (1.6² H x 5.2² W x 5.3²L). 

Weight: 455 g (1 lb), with batteries. 

Ground Receptacle: The green banana jack must be connected to ground to maintain measurement accuracy. 

Power On/Off: A two-position toggle switch. 

Range Switch

    A two-position switch is used to select the measurement range of either 0 to +1 kV or 0 to -1 kV. 


    In the TEST position, if the digital display indicates a value lower than 1100, the batteries should be replaced. In the READ     position, the measurements are displayed. 

Voltage Display 

    3½ digit liquid crystal display. 


            0 to ±1000 V. 


            1 V. 

        Zero Offset

            Less than ±1 count. 

        Sampling Rate

            3 readings per second.


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