• Trek 370 直流穩定靜電電壓表

Trek 370 直流穩定靜電電壓表

• Very High Speed of Response:
Less than 50 ms for a 1 kV step
• Measurement Range:
0 to ±3 kV DC or Peak AC
• Measurement Accuracy:
Better Than 0.05% of Full Scale
• Automatic Gain Control (eliminates manual adjustment)
• One Step, PushButton Zeroing
• Precision Voltage Monitor Output
• Optional Data Acquisition Module (with an IEEE-488 compatible interface)
型號 : Trek 370

The 370 employs an electrostatic field-nulling technique which achieves high DC stability and high measurement accuracy even if the probe to measured surface spacing changes. This permits measurements of either stationary or moving surfaces without the need to establish fixed spacing to maintain accuracy.

An automatic gain feature of the Model 370 eliminates the need for manual adjustment when changing probes or when changing the probe to measured surface separation.


    108 mm H x 223 mm W x 430 mm D (4.25" H x 8.75" W x 17" D). 


    5 kg (11 lb). Digital Enable BNC connector. 

Voltage Monitor Output Connector

    BNC connector. 

Ground Receptacle

    Binding post. 

Power Requirements 

    Line Voltage

        Factory set for one of two ranges: 90 to 127 V AC or 180 to 250 V AC, at 48-63 Hz (specify when ordering). 

    Power Consumption 

        60 VA, maximum. 

Operating Conditions 


        0 °C to 40 °C. 

    Relative Humidity 

        To 85%, noncondensing. 


        To 2000 meters 

Certification and Compliance 

        TREK, INC. certifies that each Model 370 is tested and calibrated to specifications using measurement equipment traceable to the National Institute of         Standards and Technology. A Certificate of Calibration accompanies each instrument when it is shipped from the factory. 

    Low-Voltage Safety Compliance

        (EN 61010-1) 

    Overvoltage Category CAT II

        Local-level mains, appliances, portable equipment. 

    Pollution Category Degree 1

        Operate in environments where no pollution or only dry, nonconductive pollution occurs.


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