• Trek 668B HVPS 高壓產生器

Trek 668B HVPS 高壓產生器

• Output Voltage Range
0 to +3 kV DC
0 to -3 kV DC
• Output Current Range
0 to ±5 mA DC
• Output Accuracy
Better than 0.015% of Full Scale
• Nine Programmable Memory locations
• Adjustable Current Limit or Current Trip Value
• Optional Digital Communications Interface
• Easy-to-Read 16-Character LED Display
• Easy-to-Use Push-Button Controls
型號 : Trek 668B

The Trek Model 668B HVPS is a precision, high-voltage, reference power supply with an adjustable output voltage range of 0 to +3 kV DC or 0 to -3 kV DC and an output current capability of up to ±5 mA DC.

The HVPS front panel push-buttons are used to select the desired output voltage with 100 mV resolution. Each decade of the output voltage is independently controlled by its own set of up and down push buttons.

Current control is provided by front panel selection of either supply trip-off or limiting at the preset current value.

Nine programmable memory locations are provided for saving and recalling frequently used output voltage and current settings.

A voltage setting (including polarity) and a current limit or trip value can be stored in each memory location.

Line Supply
90 to 126 V AC or 180 to 250 V AC ±10%, at 50-60 Hz (specify when ordering).

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature
    5 °C to 35 °C.
  • Relative Humidity
    To 75%, noncondensing.

104 mm H x 438 mm W x 394 mm D, (5.09" H x 17.25" W x 15.51" D).

6.9 kg (15.2 lb).

High-Voltage Output Connector
MHV coaxial connector.

Digital Enable Connector
BNC connector.

AC Line Receptacle
Standard three-prong AC line connector with integral fuse holder.