• Thyro-PX Series
  • Thyro-PX Series
  • Thyro-PX Series
  • Thyro-PX Series
  • Thyro-PX Series
  • Thyro-PX Series

Thyro-PX Series

Advanced SCR Power Controller Supports Load Currents Up to 2900 A

• Large 2.8 in (71.1 mm) LED graphic display with integrated process data recorder and SD card
• Digital and analog I/O options, with integrated memory for error tracking and energy consumption
• Mains-load optimization features dynamic digital control and power monitoring

50 years of experience are infused in the Thyro-PX®  series’ design and functionality. The SCR power controller is available in single-, dual-, and three-phase units, supports voltages from 690 V and 2900 A, and offers superior interface options. Integrate operating modes and parameters seamlessly with the 2.8-inch, LED Thyro-Touch display. And enable efficient system parameters, loading, and storage via an on-board SD-card. Thyro-PX power controller is ideally suited for your transformer and resistive loads for glass, metal, and ceramic manufacturing. It is optimal for heating elements in electric furnaces.


  • Minimize peak kVA demand via MoSi and TAKT load management
  • Precisely regulate power, including load management, for optimal control and energy consumption
  • Customize faults, alarms, status, limits, and set points to easily integrate with existing control systems
  • Intuitively set up and commission using an integrated touch-screen display
  • 32-bit micro, 1.5 M measurements per sec, and 15-bit resolution, better than 0.5% accuracy
  • Integrated mains-load optimization (dASM) with digital control
  • Integrated soft starting for operation with downstream transformer
  • Integrated Thyro-Touch display
  • Seamless integration to Rockwell Automation® Studio5000® automation software via available add-on profiles (AOPs); simplify setup and commissioning using predefined tags