• Monroe 292A 精密型砝碼式表面阻抗計
  • Monroe 292A 精密型砝碼式表面阻抗計

Monroe 292A 精密型砝碼式表面阻抗計

• Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): A 3.5 digit 9/16” high, liquid crystal display provides easy to read measurements directly from the meter. No interpretations or calculations are required.
• LED Displays: Surface resistance exponents are displayed via 12 light emitting diodes (< 103 - >1012). LEDs are color coded for quick check recognition: Five additional Function LEDs identify the measurement taken when lit.
• Auto/10 Volt Hold Test Range Voltage Button: When in the “up” or Auto position, during resistance testing, the meter automatically switches to the correct voltage for the resistance range. When in the “down” or 10 Volt Hold position automatic voltage selection is overridden and the test is performed at 10 Volts regardless of resistance level. An LED illuminates to note selected voltage.
• Test Push Button: Activates electrical power to the meter.
• Quick Check Button: When set to FULL, the meter will cycle through the 15 second electrification period that displays the temperature and relative humidity before the surface resistance mantissa is displayed.
* When set to QUICK, the meter will skip the 15
seconds and immediately display the surface
resistance mantissa.
• Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity and Surface Resistance Mantissa Measurement: When the test button is pressed and the meter is set to FULL test mode, following displays in sequence:
• Temperature in degress F (+/- 50)
• Temperature in degrees C (+/- 30)
• Relative Humidity as a percentage (+/- 10 integers)
• Surface Resistance Mantissa (with exponent displayed via LED, measurement expressed in ohms.)
型號 : Monroe 292A

Monroe Model 292A Digital Surface Resistance Test Kit is a portable, versatile, instrument designed to accurately measure resistance between two points (Rtt), surface to ground (Rtg), and surface resistivity in accordance with ANSI/ESD Association standard S-4.1. In addition, the meter measures ambient temperature and relative humidity.


1.0 x 103 to 1 x 1012 Ω @ 10V 

1.0 x 106 to 1 x 1012 Ω @ 100V

Resistance measurments within +/-10% (20% for resistance values 1x1011 and greater.)
Open Circuit Voltages:
10 and 100 volts ±5%
Electrification Period:
15 seconds
Temperature Accuracy:
±5 degrees F and ±3 degrees C Typ. +/- 10%
Relative Humidity:
Range from 5% - 95%; ±10 digits Typ.
Power: Two - Alkaline AA batteries Battery Life: approximately 1500 measurements.
Meter Jacks: Left jack on meter accepts a 3.5 mm plug Right jack on meter accepts a standard banana plug
Test Leads: Black lead terminated with a 3.5 mm plug one end and a standard banana plug on the other White lead terminated with a standard banana plus both ends
External Electrodes: Two NFPA-99 5 pound electrodes (80 oz.) ±2oz with Shore A (IRHD) 50 - 70 durometer conductive pads that comply with EOS/ESD S4.1
*Resistivity Electrodes: Model 292A/41 (optional) Parallel conductive silicone rubber electrodes 1.875 inches long and spaced 1.875 inches apart mounted onto a sepa rate adapter.
Meter Weight: .7 lbs / .03 kg
Dimensions: 8.1” L x 4.1” W x 1.5” H (20.6cm x 10.4cm x 3.8cm)

*Resistivity adapter is optional and must be ordered separately.    

• Work surfaces – ANSI/ESD STM S4.1 Work surfaces – Resistance Measurements
• Floors – ANSI/ESD STM S7.1 – Resistive Characterization of Materials Floor Materials
• Footwear – ANSI/ESD STM S9.1 and S9.2 – Footwear- Resistive Characterization
• Garments – ANSI/ESD STM 2.1 Garments
• Seating – ANSI/ESDESD STM 12.1 Seating – Resistive Measurement
• Floor/Footwear – ANSI/ESD STM 97.1 Floor Materials and Footwear Resistance    Measurement in    Combination with a Person
• Workstations – ESD-AVD53.1 ESD Protective Workstations


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