• Trek 605A 高壓產生器

Trek 605A 高壓產生器

• Output Voltage Range
Fixed Mode
+1 kV or -1 kV
Variable Mode
0 to +1 kV or 0 to -1 kV
• Output Current Range
0 to ±1 mA
• Output Accuracy
Better than 0.1% ofFull Scale
• Line and Load
Regulation Better than 0.002%
• Automatic current limit feature to protect the instrument from output
short circuits or overloads
• Remote high voltage on/off feature ideal for use with automated or computer-controlled systems
型號 : Trek 605A

The Model 605A provides two modes of operation, a fixed mode providing a constant +1 kV or -1 kV output, and a variable mode providing variable control of the output voltage with a one (1) volt resolution over a range of 0 to ±1 kV.

The Model 605A features an all-solid-state design for accurate, low-noise operation and is protected against over-current conditions that may be generated by output short circuits to ground.

Line Supply
Factory set for one of two ranges: 90 to 127 V AC or 180 to 250 V AC, at 48 to 63 Hz (specify when ordering).

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature
    0 °C to 40 °C.
  • Relative Humidity
    To 85%, noncondensing.

84 mm H x 254 mm W x 280 mm D, (3.3" H x 10" W x 11" D).

2 kg (4.4 lb).

High-Voltage Output Connector
Two (2) binding posts.

Digital Enable Connector
BNC connector.

AC Line Connector
Standard three-prong line connector.


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